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Competitive Landscape

Despite the fundamental need for a training technology that enables skaters to practice highly technical tricks while eliminating the wear-and-tear of falling on hard surfaces, there are no products in the market today other than the Pro Trainer that meet this need.

We believe the Pro Trainer is both critical and complimentary skating safety and more efficient advancement of skills. From a safety perspective, the Pro Trainer should be considered as part of the skateboard safety equipment ecosystem. However, it is totally unique from a training perspective.

In terms of our plans to develop and commercialize a gaming concept for the Pro Trainer, the skate theme is a well adopted and extremely successful genre for gamers. Tony Hawk’s games have been amongst the most successful games sold across all genres. With the physical nature of the Pro Trainer which so effectively mimics the actual skate experience, and with the advancement of virtual reality technology, our goal is to design the next generation of skate games for consumers, that may or may not be actual skaters but through the Pro Trainer game will be able to capture the experience seasoned pros have when they are pulling off highly technical tricks. Our goal is that Pro Trainer can have the same impact for the general consumer that games like Guitar Hero have had in that regard.